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Can't See Curtain Wall Frame Mullion!

Can't See Curtain Wall Frame Mullion!Hi.Im working on a project, I was on 2D for a while but when I checked a 3D View the curtain wall frame mullions looks flat. I tried Model View Options and the Graphic Overides. Layering, etc. Nothing Its Working....

agomez by Newcomer
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Default Wall Intersection Priority

The intersection of two walls with the same building material priority can be controlled by using Junction Order - but what determines the default behaviour? Is there a way to draw/modell such that a certain wall get priority over another?

Resolved! Windows across multiple stories

I've been searching for a fix for this and there's nothing worth a grain of salt that's from the last 15 years. I for sure hope there's a better way than those work arounds from a lifetime ago. I have 2 stories. I have a window that spans both storie...

Resolved! Transforming Non - Load bearing Element into Load Bearing Element

Hi all, I have come to this forum based on the project we received which contains Non-Load Bearing Element as shown below: The element (Domes in White Colour) Material for our analysis is Fibre Reinforced Polymer. This model was received as IFC produ...


Resolved! How can I express a thick line as a thin line in a cross section?

Now this is a cross section.I want to make the left equal to the right.Then, the insulation material and the external finishing line are not thin lines.It is expressed as a slab section line.  How can I express a thick line as a thin line in a cross ...

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Opening Tool, sample/inject and favorites

It is frustrating that the opening tool allows for complex opening shapes to be created and then there is no way to save the opening for using it again - unless i am missing something.Sample the complex opening and I get a square one when I place the...

gdford by Advisor
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Resolved! Counters Disappearing

Some background: I work for a custom home building company and we draft in Archicad 24. We do custom files with our homes per purchase of the client. We show views of our counter tops on our permit sheets for kitchen and bathrooms. We have been using...

AS7 by Contributor
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