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Community feedback: I love Archicad, but...

Hi all, in the following survey, you can prioritize some of the most common pain points that arise while using Archicad. We know they might not be your top-priority requests, but tweaking them could make your everyday work easier. Thank you for your ...

Shortcut to Unread Posts

Dear All,Recently it came up from many of you that it would be nice to see the unread posts directly instead of browsing a huge amount of content. We are constantly working in the background to improve the Community and find what is helping all of us...

Resolved! split face on exterior

Why is there no split face feature in Archicad? If it has a split face feature, as in the Revit program, it provides great convenience in exterior modeling.

Resolved! Los Angeles Bases Architectural Firms

Good morning, I am a developer based in Redondo Beach and I am in the process of preselecting architectural firms working on Archicad to design my new projects. For the ones interested, please send your introduction letter and portfolio to chadis@ide...

Resolved! Forum Macros

Where are forum Macros explained please? I have tried searching in Help but didnt find anything. Thanks

Snow Globe Challenge - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hello everyone! Please find below answers to commonly asked questions about our newest Community contest: Snow Globe Challenge. Who can participate? Everyone is welcome to participate in the challenge! You can use any Archicad version to create your ...


Architecture parametric modelling and rendering service

Hi All! Following the numerous requests we receive, we have opened a specific section of our studio to collaborate with other design studios to provide advice and support through parametric design and architectural renderings.Feel free to contact us ...

Roy by Participant
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ARCHINTENSIVE 2022 - Seeking Speaker Abstracts

We are seeking abstracts for #ARCHINTENSIVE 2022. If you are an Archicad user and want to present at our event in August 2022, get your thinking cap on over the Christmas break and submit an abstract in Jan 2022.