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Add ability to create text lists (numbered or bulleted)

Tomek Piatek
Nothing fancy required, just your vanilla variety of bullet/numbered lists.

  • You know
  • Something like
  • this
  • would do just fine
  • and this
  • would be
  • great
  • too

ArchiCAD 23
Windows 10 Pro

Barry Kelly
You can copy & paste to and from any text editor to easily use bullets and numbering.


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Tomek Piatek
Thank you for pointing this out but I don't understand why so many member of this community are willing to just accept that ArchiCAD doesn't do something and resort to workarounds. I'm not asking for something outlandish. This is basic text editing functionality that is used on daily basis. It should be built it.

ArchiCAD 23
Windows 10 Pro

Aaron Bourgoin
to this I would add, changing text to ALL CAPS, First Letter Capitalized, or no caps.
Think Like a Spec Writer
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Rhino 7 Mac
OSX 10.14.6 & 11.3.1

Ghaleb Khadra
Hi All,

Thank you for requesting this feature, and for your active participation on the forums.

I am happy to say that we have added this into our Wish database.
As reference, the Wish number is 12517

Thank you all for sharing your ideas with us, and thank you all who voted.

[Stay Active. Stay Awesome ]
Kind regards,
Ghaleb Khadra
BIM Expert

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