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PlotMaker-Detectable HOTSPOT2

James Murray
A flag for HOTSPOT2 that makes a real hotspot rather than a detectable point.

It should appear as a hotspot and be detectable in PM.

I have several objects I use to help with alignment in PM, and it's an (easily-forgotten) extra step to add the hotspot so the point can be detected.
James Murray
Rill Architects • macOS • OnLand.info

James Murray
OK, an example:

Today I was working on an object to represent an arbitrary arrangement of cells from our detail sheet grid. You put in the sheet size, and it knows how big the grid cell is, and how many are on the sheet. So you can arrow-stretch the object around larger details, and it snaps to proper dimensions for the grid. It has guidelines for the note column and the title. Then you snap the corners to the grid in PM. Not bad.

Trouble is, you have to place hotspots at the corners of the object in order to detect the corners in PM. The corners already have HOTSPOT2s, that's how the stretching works. A wasteful extra step. (You can't use 'Fit Frame to Drawing' because <DRAWINGNUMBER> pushes the text block outside the cell limits.)

HOTSPOT2 x, y, [unID [, paramReference, flags][, displayParam]] [, PM_detect_flag]

Thanks for listening,
James Murray
Rill Architects • macOS • OnLand.info

Not applicable

Since I use the same approach of laying out drawings with library parts in ArchiCAD, I am always having to remind users (and myself) to add/move the hotspots.

This would be a big benefit for what must be a minor programming effort.

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