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Shift Key Function

Currently I am using V8R3+(AUS) and would like to have the ability to hold down the shift key and be able to select other keys (cusor keys, delete key and backspace) as it was back in V7. eg. when I am selecting various objects (holding down the shift key) for deletion I use to be able to press down the delete key or the backspace key to delete the item selected on the fly. Now in V8 this is on longer the case as I have to press the delete key seprately. Maybe this just affects me but I'm a left hander trying to make it in a right handers world.
Windows - 10.
Intel i7 5960x @ 3GHz
32Mb RAM, 500Mb SSD, Blu Ray
980GTX 4Mb Video, 3x27'' 4K Dell LCD's

Mac - 10.11
Mac mini 2010
MacBook Pro 2010

AC4.55 - AC19 AUS +Cadimage Tools add-ons +MEP
Cinema 4D 5.3-17 (Studio)

Laci Neda
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
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László Néda
Business Development Manager

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