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BIM Server Simplify Library Pathways: Local and Remote Users

R Muller
Right now, the methods to set up a BIM Server so that both local and remote users can access the project and its loaded libraries forces all users to act as though they were remote users, with associated complexity and decrease in connection speed for the local users. IT consultants are required to set this up. See for more discussion of the problem. It seems like a complicated work-around.

I wish BIM server and the ArchiCAD clients had the capacity to identify their method of connection to the BIM server, and the BIM server could automatically adjust the paths to the connected local libraries and referenced files as needed, to give local clients the ability to connect to the server locally while remote clients are connected over a remote pathway at the same time.
R Muller
AC 26 USA (20+ years on ArchiCAD)
MBP 64GB Apple M1 Max OS 12.1 Monterey

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