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Feature request: Dimension unit override


Wishing there was a way to override dimension units for dimension strings. For example, this would allow one to show some dimensions as feet and inches for general construction, and others as fractional inches, for accessibility. Thanks!


why don't you use:

- Manual override or

- Diferent layers for diferent dimension strings with diferent dimension style showing for every respective view?

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Vinicius Lima

Well... in INT there is already a solution for this, It's called Secondary Dimension. See this article below: 


Hope this helps, and I agree that it should be a standard solution (for other archicad versions - country versions)


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These are good thoughts. I don't see a way to use Graphic Overrides to change dimension string styles. Is this what you're suggesting? And I'm looking to have both versions visible in the same view, otherwise I would use layers/dimension style view settings. Thanks.