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General modeling capabilities.

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I wish that AC have some modeling tools and I know that this already was discussed somewhere on ArchiTalk, but here is a different reason. I'm AC user for around 10 years,and recently I changed company that is using both cads. The thing is that xrefing *.dwg files from our subs is limited because we don't have in AC tools like Solid or Mass, and only way to bring 3d data from subs is GDL - and believe me it is limited way. If AC had that king of tools it could be used almost as native objects. And I'm not even thinking about large amount of advanced modeling tools. Just simple set. I hope you understand what I mean.

BTW. Possibility to xref thing opened by someone else in "read only" mode will be sweet too.

Good day to all.

Edit: 03-06-06 -Fixed some grammar. English is not my native language.

Have you tried IFC?

ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
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Yes I did. But it converts a lot of elements into Objects. A little more complicated mass object and I have Object. Grrrr.

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Basically ArchiCAD needs to be able to XREF 3D data.

I have had the same sort of issues in the past, having an AutoCAD 3D site model on a project that can only be displayed by bringing in the file as an object.

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