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More element types to be available to Python please



Could we have an update if additional elements could be available to Python and if there is any Python roadmap available? GetAllElements command is not really getting all elements. Neither does the GetSelectedElements.
Comparing number of commands in 26 and 27 there doesn't seem to be much new. Hope this means something is in the works?

BIM manager

For Python updates and a roadmap, check the official Python website. Regarding issues with "GetAllElements" and "GetSelectedElements" commands, consult the relevant documentation or community forums for potential solutions.



Hi @jullieven and thanks for the reply.

I am not sure developers of python would have much to do with Archicad module. I would think this is something GS develops. Perhaps I was unclear in my question. I am interested in finding out roadmap for Archicad-Python module.
GetAllElements and GetSelectedElements works for 3D elements only. I have checked and this is documented on the Graphisoft json API pages. The solution is for GS to expand the Python/Json functionality to include more element types. I am also finding the terminology inconsistent here - for example in find & select tool there is clear outline of "All types", "3D types" and "2D types". Python "GetAllElements" is equal to find & select "3D types".

Hope this makes sense.

BIM manager

Understood. To address limitations with "GetAllElements" and "GetSelectedElements" in the Archicad-Python module, the solution involves Graphisoft expanding Python/Json functionality to include more element types beyond 3D elements. Consistency in terminology between Python commands and the Find & Select tool is essential for clarity and effectiveness in working with Archicad.


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