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Multi component walls.




Imagine how to apply the multi-beam or multi-column features to walls.

A multi wall would be designed with several levels defined by a fix z distance or a proportion of the total hight. Each "level" of the multi wall could be simple, composite or complex profile. Each one will have it's reference line.

This advanced wall tool could be usefull in case of creating openings that intersect several parts of the wall.

Also interesting for traditional and historical buildings wit rims and bases.

I know all of that could be done with specific complex profiles, but how many of them I have to create ton cover the huge diversity of possibilities tha a multi wall tool could offer ?


Section of a multi wall could be something like that. It's just one wall.


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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

Interesting thought, although I think it is different from how multi-segment Columns and Beams work. The segments for multi-segment Columns and Beams connect to each other along the reference line of the Column/Beam. What you are suggesting is that the Profile of the Wall to be composed on multiple Profiles. This is a feature that is available in Revit called Stacked Walls.

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Yes exactly. I didn't know that is exists in Revit.

The point similar to multi segment beams could be the interface design, with a very similar tool box that users already know well. And specially the choice of locked or unlocked dimensions.

Thanks for your interest.

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It would probably need to be more like the railing tool... So that you could select your stacked Composites then put a beam or stud through them. I think an easier update would be being able to define inside and outside within Complex Profiles.

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Railing tool is toooooo much time spending. Good that usual building has more walls that railings. If wall tools becomes like railing, AC will be very unefiscient !

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