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Solid operations - illogical modeling error

Radek Vybihal


I want to show a very depressing modeling error. 

For example - I have the wall and I want to create the hole under of part of wall (at the same time, I do not want divide the wall into 2 parts and change priority layers or materials).

Under the wall is air in fact and this air area can not remove other constructions - because in this area is nothing in fact. 

Please repair this modeling error in next version od Archicad.

Thank you!







I posted the same complaint not too long ago. Thanks for adding your post.


Todd Oeftger
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Barry Kelly

The hole in the slab is there because the wall penetrates into the slab.

And the crossing wall is being cut by the larger wall.


Even though you use a Solid Element Operation and cut the wall away below the beam, it is considered that the wall is still there.

So the cuts in other elements remain.


Try using an opening instead.

This is 'newer technology' than SEO, and it seems the wall is actually removed in that opening area and therefore will not interact with other elements.

And an extra bonus is you will see the opening in plan - not like SEO which doesn't show in plan.





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Good morning, Barry.

Yes, I know about this, but... that is the problem.

Your picture 1 and 2 must be the same case. Because what you see in the 3D model - must be see in 2D (in all 2D drawings - cuts, views, floor plans etc.).

And the most important thing - removed part of the wall/beam/roof etc. (by solid operations) must not affect other structures. 

The new Archicad version should be able to do this. This is only a recommendation for software developers. 

Thank you for your comment and have a nice day.