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Hi, we've just upgraded from AC21 to AC23. We used to use CineRender's Cel Renderer effect all the time, but it doesn't seem to be in AC23's render panel - as far as I can see? Please tell me it's just somewhere else in the panel? Or have they got ri...
Is there a way to set an image shader to render aligned to screen space rather than the object? The Noise shader allows the output to render in 'raster' space (rather than 'texture' space) which allows for some interesting results. I'd like to do the...
Hi, does anyone know if any of the shaders can change their output based on distance from the camera? So achieving something like Fog in the scene, but through the surface rather than the render settings. I'm messing around with stylised render setti...
Hi, I'd like to use the Railing Profile tool to create road markings on roads. It works great in 3D, but the 2D plan view doesn't show correctly - it seems to lump the various elements together to show the 'bounding box' of the rail profile instead. ...
Hi, we've commissioned a 3D context model from a third party supplier. They sent it to us as a Sketchup (SKP) file, which seems to be a pretty common format with that type of service. I've opened it in ArchiCAD 21 (which converts it to an object). I'...
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