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BIMx License Types

Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

BIMx is Graphisoft's design presentation and collaboration product. In this article, you can find out which functionalities are available in BIMx on different platforms, with or without a license, and what's needed to host your models on the BIMx Model Transfer site.

BIMx applications

BIMx Mobile (iOS/Android)

BIMx Mobile is available for free on the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS . The free application gives you all the tools you need to explore the Hyper-model - both the 3D model and the attached 2D documentation. To activate additional collaboration functions, you can enable these options:

  • A BIMx PRO subscription enables the BIMx PRO functionality for all your Projects.
  • You can join a BIMcloud Teamwork project to enable BIMx PRO functionalities for the current model by obtaining a BIMcloud User license (BCU)

Feature Comparison

Mobile Features BIMx App PRO subscription BIMcloud User License (for a single model)
Hyperlinked 2D & 3D Content + + +
All-round 3D Cutaways + + +
Shading options + + +
Shadow casting + + +
Element-level information + + +
Room labels and info + + +
Google Cardboard VR Support + + +
Data detection on schedules + + +
Access BIMx elements via hyperlinks + + +
Smart Measure tool + + +
Presenter Mode for Gallery + + +
Unlimited 3D model size (Data Streaming)   + +
Save favorite views and create presentations   + +
AirPrint  (iOS) and Print (Android) support   + +
Inter-app communication   +  
Integrate external databases (BIMx API)   +  
BIMcloud Teamwork Messaging     +

BIMx Desktop Viewer

The BIMx Desktop Viewer is the desktop version of the BIMx Hyper-model viewer, available for Windows and macOS devices. All features of this version are completely free, and requires no additional license.

BIMx Web Viewer

The BIMx Web Viewer is a special version of the BIMx Hyper-model viewer. It is available in browsers, so you do not need to download any application.

  • BIMx Web Viewer is built in to the BIMx Model Transfer site. BIMx Web Viewer is automatically available for any Hyper-model shared on the BIMx Model Transfer service, without any subscription or license. All you need is a Graphisoft ID account to upload models. The BIMx Model Transfer Service has some Premium functions described below.
  • BIMx Web Viewer is also available on BIMcloud as a Service and BIMcloud on-premises. Uploading, updating and viewing Hyper-models require authentication with BIMcloud User License. 

BIMx Model Transfer Site

The BIMx Model Transfer site is a website where you can store and share your models with others, and it is also home to the BIMx Web Viewer. The BIMx Model Transfer site enables updating models in the mobile applications directly from the cloud. This service is available for anyone with a Graphisoft ID for free, and viewing shared models doesn't require any authentication. 

The free access includes:

If you have an active SSA (Software Services Agreement) subscription with Graphisoft or a Graphisoft Partner company, or an active Graphisoft Forward subscription, or Archicad Subscription you are entitled to use the Premium functions of the BIMx Model Transfer Service:

BIMx Model Transfer features Free SSA, Forward or Subscription
Upload models to 5GB own Public Storage "My models"  + +
Upload models to 5GB Company Public Storage + +
Update models from Archicad or in the web interface + +
Download models + +
Delete models + +
Move models between Company folders + +
Add Keywords and Description + +
Share model's URL via email, twitter, etc  + +
View model in BIMx Web Viewer + +
Embed model in own website   +
Upload models to 10GB Company Private Storage   +
Add password protection to Private models   +
Change Visibility   +

Consult this article for a more detailed description about BIMx Model Transfer functions.

Creating BIMx Hyper-models

You can save Building Information Models in BIMx format from Archicad. and now as of DDScad 18 too. See the description of how to publish BIMx Hyper-models here.

You can publish BIMx Hyper-models with all Archicad license types. However, when published with EDU and TRIAL licenses, 2D views are displayed with watermarks in the corners. You cannot save to BIMx format when running Archicad without a license (Demo mode).

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