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Resolved! GDL - Called Object Hotspots

Hi all, I have two objects which have all of the same parameters, the only difference is that the second contains only a CALL for the first and returns all relevant parameters. No errors. Yet even though this should make the second act identical to t...


Resolved! Multiple IF statements

Hello, I'm trying to set multiple IF statements depending on a values list set on the Paramaters. If I set only to statements everything works as expected, but when I add more than two statements I get an error. Here is the code:!!!!!======== MODULE ...

jc4d Expert
  • 9 replies

Mirror end railing post

I've created a custom railing post in gdl which is asymmetric. I would like the last post in the railing to be mirrored but I can't work out how to do that. Is there a way to get the post index or something like that in gdl?

Rico Booster
  • 5 replies

UNHIDE "All Parameters" List

Hi All, Is there someway to unhide the parameter list? I am wanting to call an object, but when I do my parameter list gets hidden, and since there is not a full UI, you cannot edit anything... Ling.

Relevant Storey

I have an object which spans multiple stories. If I stipulate a specific range e.g Home & One Storey Up or even All Stories it displays as expected. If I use the Show on Relevant Stories option the object display becomes limited to the Home Storey on...

What do you guys write gsm/gdl scripts on?

Hello! I'm pretty new to writing gsm and gdl stuff and I'm trying my hands on it to help out in the firm. The guy who does the scripting, writes it directly on Archicad. Which kinda baffles me. No intellisense, no syntax highlighting, no code snippet...

Jack D Booster
  • 28 replies

Duplicate Library Parts - which one does Archicad use?

Hi, I know duplicate library parts are always a bad idea, but I'm wondering what logic does Archicad apply to decide which library part to use in the file if it does come across two? Also, is it always the same one gsm across every instance. Thanks,S...