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Resolved! GDL Code Max Line Length

Hi GDL Experts, When I enter a line of code, I know the system limit is set to 120 characters. However when I enter code beyond this, it still seems to pick it up. For instance with the following text, it is 256 characters in length: TEXT2 0, 0, "A12...

Substitute Object Given X = 1

Hi all, I was wonder how you would go about scripting an object substitution. Given a parameter in Object A, I want to replace it with Object B. I tried adding a CALL for Object B and script skip to the start of each of the scripts within Object A bu...

Resolved! Hide Reveal Settings

I'd like to hide the "Reveal Settings" tabpage, which is listed under "Settings" I created a custom Window with my own tabpages, but the tabpage "Reveal Settings" automatically shows.  


Called Hotspots don't work with dimensions?

Can someone confirm if it is possible to create 2D/3D hotspots in a called macro that associate with dimensions? At present I am seeing the required macro hotspots in the model (each generated with unique ids) but the dimension tool ignores them. Oth...

Resolved! Nested Macro Calls

Hi All, I am trying to create a two level Macro, where the Parent Object can call various Child Objects, that have moveable hotspot parameter. It is super confusing for me. The child objects A and B are the same, except the length parameter changes b...

2D Object with Editable Text

Hi everyone I need some guidance on the following, I would like to make a simple 2D symbol (lighting related) with an editable text box next to either relating to a property, element ID etc.This is so I can change the text when necessary and don't ha...