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parametrically change a projectors frustum

HII created a simple shape that represents the frustum of a projector. I have to change this (zoom angle and projection distance) to place the projector to a specific place in a room to fill the designed screen. I can do this in sketchup, but I am tr...

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Resolved! Object placement in plan view

Hello,I am making a landscape object that would usually be placed on a mesh. A mesh doesn't necessarily have all its points at the same Z level so I would like to know if, while in plan view, it's possible to force an object to be placed at the prope...

Resolved! Zoom-dependent hotspot cross

Does anyone know how to achieve that little cross in the zone stamp that always stays the same pixel size, regardless of zoom? I've looked through the code of zone_stamp_macro and can't find anything that seems like it would do this.

Bruce Expert
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View ID/Name in a gdl-object

Hi,I want to create a simplified "stamp" to put on every view that is being exported as dwg.I'd like this object to read Building name and Date which I've done but I can't figure out how to get the ID and Name of the view from the View Map? Any idea?...

Resolved! LP_XMLConverter: Images not included in GSM

I'm having trouble getting a folder of images included in a GSM using LP_XMLConverter. I have tried the individual file method (xml2libpart) and the folder method (x2l). Both methods execute without errors, but the resulting GSM doesn't contain the i...

Resolved! DICT type in Assoclp_parvalue request - not work

Is any way to read dict-parameter from placed GDL object via REQUEST "ASSOCLP_PARVALUE"? Reference guide said that "LIBRARYGLOBAL requests cannot return dictionary type values", but there is no other limit to use DICT in REQUEST.

kuvbur Enthusiast
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Resolved! Clip Polyline behaviour in multiple cuts

Hi GSI found that the GDL ClipPolyline operation returns the right amount of cut polylines, but they are all the same ones. Have I missed something or is it a bug? I certainly wish this operation returned all cut polylines.-You can move the polyline ...