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External monitor scales some elements




My external monitor scales certain elements in Archicad in particular. It does this every time I use my monitor, no matter if I reboot or reconnect and no matter which AC version I've used. I have tested the resolution and scaling in Windows, but nothing helps. The weird thing is, text and icons are perfectly sized, but my scroll bars are HUGE. Also, it won't let me scroll the overhead toolbar, so there are certain tools I can't use unless I pull AC over to my laptop screen (where everything looks normal).


This is mostly a problem in Archicad. In Adobe, everything is scaled okay, except my cursor is enormous when working in Indesign or Illustrator. Also, my Windows taskbar is unnecessarily big.


Nothing I have seen on Windows forums have been of any help, so I wondered if any of you know how to customize sizes in Archicad or know a solution to this?




It also happens to the title and the scroll bars in the Teamwork Palette, but the rest of the palette is fine.



Barry Kelly

I would suspect a Windows setting for accessibility or maybe a theme?

But I am not sure why it would affect just your external monitor and not every application.



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Marc H

It may be settings, but if not, I'll relate a similar esoteric issue I had a few years ago with (Windows based) MS Access when running it on a large, high-resolution, extended monitor. (In this case, it was enormous checkboxes showing within input forms. Everything else was normal size.)  


My research turned up that some software code is/was 'hard-coded' to launch on specific display specifications.  I used a workaround wherein I would open the application on my 'home' (device) screen, then drag the session window over to the external monitor for use.  It was kind of inconvenient, but it worked.  If this is the case, you may want to relate the issue to GS.

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Rubia Torres

Hi @kathrinev,


If the previous replies cannot solve your problem and it requires deeper investigation from the Graphisoft team, please contact your local distributor. You can find their contact information here: Get in Touch – Graphisoft.



Rubia Torres

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Thank you for your replies! Nothing has worked so far, so I'll contact Graphisoft and see if they have a solution.

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