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AC26 Folder BUG: Profile Manager Implementation

Eduardo Rolon


Related bugs:

  1. When creating folders within Profile Manger you will get a new profile.
    1. Work around to avoid the new profile creation is to select cancel which will keep the folder but will remove the "custom profile". This is not an obvious or intuitive workflow.
  2. A created folder cannot be moved, deleted or edited once created in PM
    1. Work around is to close/cancel PM, open the new attribute manager and edit there
  3. A created profile cannot be moved, deleted or edited once created in PM
    1. Same as 2.1
  4. Switching from "New" to "Duplicate" profile does not keep the typed name
    1. Work around is to not write the name until user is sure it has selected the correct option
    2. Before switching to the other option select the name and use CMD(CTRL)+V to copy the name
    3. Keeping different names for both options will create user errors if not paying attention when switching between them.
  5. As with all Folders they are not hierarchical you need to double click to see within them.

2022-07-16 Profile Manager.gif


Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC27 US/INT -> AC08

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