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Improvement of modeling tools

Radek Vybihal

Good morning. 

Archicad needs improvements to the basic modeling tools (column, beam, board, roof, wall etc.).

Each modeling tool has a lots of geometry limitations. 



I want to model carpentry joints, move/shift the layers of the sandwich, more options for edge finishing etc. 

Current tools are quite rigid and limiting.


I suggest the following improvements - more "MORPH" functions apply into others tools.



Hi @Radek Vybihal,

From all mentioned in your wish i agree only with (options for edge finishing) despite we have workarounds for it.


But for the others i consider (Column, Beam & wall) tools are the best between many BIM applications even rvt.

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Hi, Mahmoud. 

If the tools (Column, Beam and wall) are the best between many BIM applications, so this is not an argument for improvement of these tools. Each modeling tool has a lots of geometry limitations. 

Karel Landa

I agree with @Radek Vybihal .


Altough beam and column tool have been through upgrade in AC23, there are still some limitations in many scenarios for which there some workarounds, but there not straightforward and if there is a change in the project, it is hard to adjust all settings. Some of them could be solved by MVO, some should be directly in settings a some in edit mode.


But Wall tool (and Slab too) is very outdated compared to beam and column. Limited setting for visibility on floorplan (missing options for show on home and above/below), terrible behaviour to generate floorplan section based on model --> gable wall, walls going on terrain which should have slanted top/bottom (again need to use either connect to roof function or use opening), and already mentioned edge finishing (creating complex profile for every change is not very good solution if you need more options to change the finish).


I would not say that "morph" function should be in every tool, but wall and slab tool need to go through some changes.


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Radek and all,


It would be best to post specific wishes about specific tools or functionalities.

You should dedicate a new thread to each new tool/functionality wished for. That way we can forward them to Graphisoft for consideration.

Also, engagement with each specific wish can indicate user interest/support for that specific wish. 

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