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Property Expressions Help

Hello, I really need some guidance regarding the property expressions available in Archicad 22. I am attempting to 'SPLIT' the 'Nominal W x H Size' property of a door to only display the leaf width. However, no matter what I do, the only result is 'x...

Resolved! Scheduling: Only Total of Zone Category

Hello! I want to do a schedule with the Zone's categories grand total areas. Is it possible? I tried to specify on parameters, but it's showing all zones, not only categories. Prints below (the alterations that i want to do in red) Hoping it's clear,...

Importing Psets into my model

Hi, does anyone know how is it possible to import just specific Psets from an IFC? Here is what I mean: In my model I have a Zone (IfcSpace) with its GUID and some defined Pset_SpaceCommon. I export my model for the Energy simulation. On the other si...

agroni by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Backwards libary migration from Archicad 22 to 21

When saving my Archicad 22 file as a 21 file and open it all the windows disappear. It doesnt replace the standard archicad 22 windows with the windows in the 21 libary. Ive used the 'Window 22' thinking it would replace with 'window 21' in the previ...

DANH23 by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Import from Sketchup - texture mapping

When I import a model from Sketchup, everything comes in perfectly with all images textures mapped correctly however everything is high gloss. If I convert to morphs (and then to object) I can then edit the surfaces to adjust the properties as requir...

Adobe Print Issue

I am an IT support guy and don't use the software, but when the users have issues, I try to figure them out. I have a 3 page document created using Archicad and in PDF format. If we print as is to the wide format, it fails. Reading some troubleshooti...

wsc by Newcomer
  • 1 replies