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Please Help Me Set Up BIM Server

Hello Archicad-ers, My friend and I are working on the same project. We want to work on this project at the same time, but we live in two separate places. I want to set up the BIM server on my desktop so she could access at her home as well. I tried ...

Room finish schedule

Hi, I've been searching through old posts and it seems like making a room finish schedule that picks up all surfaces/building materials from walls, ceilings, slabs doesn't really work. But most of the post that I found were pretty old so I'm throwing...

CalleH by Newcomer
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Teamwork files in Attribute Manager

The firm I am working for uses teamwork for almost all ArchiCAD files which is great. We also use the attribute manager to bring in attributes from a file that contains every different attribute type you would want (this saves the template from havin...

Truss Plans

I want this for ArchiCAD ! Don't make me use that other program! And it does structural analysis very easialy, exports the profiles with reactions... Almost as good as having MiTek, Alpi...

Wallhole Dimensions Value not Showing

Hello: The wallhole Dimensions column is blank (in blue) on my window schedule. I am using Cadimage windows and Archicad window schedule. Can you tell me what the problem might be? I have contacted Cadimage as well. Thanks.

Project Preferences not staying in Teamwork.

After reserving project preferences and changing them successfully, each day when the project is reopened (after it was sent back to the server the day before when closing) the preferences go back to previous settings. All other changes made to the p...

ID field character limit

Currently the element ID field is 15 characters long. I am attempting to compile a construction kit of favourites which will cover the domestic work which makes up almost all of my workload. I would like each favourite to have an ID where: The first ...

Large Projects - Schedules in PMK

The suggestion of GS is to split the layout book from the model if it is a big project, however there are some problems with this... If you place a door schedule in that layout book and it has eg 100 doors, the option to split the drawing amoung muli...