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GDL command to hide one small part in some plan view while other plan view shows all parts?

William Yan

Hi guys!

I have a question. Is there a way or GDL command , can hide one small part of a GDL object in some plan views (say floor 1) while other plan views (say floor 2 and 3) shows all parts of the GDL object?




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There are a number of Global Variables listed in the GDL guide that would enable such behaviour. Story Information has several globals to interrogate and apply e.g. GLOB_HSTORY_ELEV. You might also find GLOB_CUTPLANES_INFO of interest.

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Thank you. Is there any tutorials I can follow? As English is not my language I find hard to follow GDL manual to do real job. 

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I don’t think there are any tutorials available covering this area. Try creating a simple object and then play with the global values to see what happens e.g if home story is greater than 3.00m then draw shape A else draw shape B. If you are new to GDL it may be take a while to work out what you need to do.

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Barry Kelly

You could try looking at the scripts for the elevator object to see how that works across storeys.

I am not saying that will be easy to understand though.



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William Yan

Thank  you guys,  I will try my best to write something. But I opened some gs gdl objects, I am shocked, seeing so many "call" and "if endif", too hard for me.  I'd rather write my gdls for blank.

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I created a very simple object.

In the floor set in the "hidefloor" parameter (array), the elements from "Hide" to "Hide end" will not be displayed.

I hope this is as you intended it to be.

Thank you! I will try to understand it.

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The Library Developer Kit has an Example Library, the "Floor Plan Cut Plane Example" object might help you how to use these globals.

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Your example helped me as well, I'm having a similar issue. And, I think he'll need to get which is the "Home Story" of the object inserted, to be able to know if the current story above or below it.


Is there a way to REQUEST the home story index?


Using this:

n = REQUEST ("Home_Story", "", index, story_name)

Gave me no luck.. Seems like it also returns the "current story" instead of the object's home story index.


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