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Video Card Problem, or Memory Problem?

First thing this morning I restarted my computer because Windows, in all its infinite wisdom, updated my machine and forced a reboot overnight.So after a reboot first thing, I fire up AC26 and open my working file and I get issues right away, as seen...

26 version not running or win10

Good day. After uninstalling 25 archicad and installing version 26, I can't run it. The error bug reports takes off. Tell me where to look at the logs, and understand what he does not like

Network Installation doesn't resolve customEnvironment

Hello, We are trying to use a network install. We would like to set a custom environment with all office standards. We follow the instructions in the help:Archicad-26-INT-3000-1.0.exe --mode unattended --customEnvironment "D:\...\Defaults" What is th...

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Archicad 26 mac intel - performance issues

Hi,I have just updated to 26 from 25 and I am experiencing quite considerable performance issues. Selecting tools , panning, drawing and everything is lagging and feels waaaay slower than 25. I tried to compare with 25 on identical project and the di...