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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Installation & update

Read articles about program installation and update, hardware, operating systems, setup, etc.


macOS 14 Sonoma

Apple released the new macOS 14 Sonoma on September 26, 2023. According to our tests with the public beta version Archicad is compatible with some known issues detailed below. There are no known issues regarding BIMx and existing BIMcloud setups. Kno...

chevronposition.png macOS 14 Sonoma.png

macOS 13 Ventura

Apple released the new macOS 13 Ventura on 24th October 2022. Archicad is compatible with some known issues detailed below. There are no problems regarding BIMx, and existing BIMcloud setups; on the other hand newly installed BIMcloud needs manual tr...

MicrosoftTeams-image.png Tracker.png FDA1_final.png FDA2_final.png

macOS 12 Monterey

Apple released the macOS 12 Monterey on 25th October 2021. Archicad 25 is compatible from the 2nd Update (40xx build) and Archicad 24 is compatible from the 5th Update (70xx build). Please note that Archicad 23 and earlier versions are not compatible...

monterey icon.png Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 14.35.29.png Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 14.35.51.png hiba4.png

macOS 10.15 Catalina

Apple released the macOS 10.15 Catalina on October 7, 2019. Graphisoft maintains the compatibility of Archicad 22, 23, 24 and BIMcloud. Archicad 21 and older are not compatible with this macOS. Important Note Users installing Archicad for the very fi...


macOS 11 Big Sur

Apple released the macOS 11 Big Sur on 12th November 2020. As indicated by the numeric change (macOS 10 is being replaced by macOS 11), this is the biggest change to the system since Apple introduced macOS X around two decades ago. Graphisoft maintai...

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Altering ARCHICAD behavior - Registry or Preferences?

In some cases, the only way to activate a feature, or change the behavior of ARCHICAD is by editing software configuration keys maintained by the operating system. On a PC this configuration system is called the Registry. On macOS, these configuratio...

wp-content_uploads_2011_09_Regedit.png wp-content_uploads_2017_02_regedit-edit-ac23.png wp-content_uploads_2020_06_Screenshot-2020-06-19-at-12.16.45.png wp-content_uploads_2020_06_Screenshot-2020-06-19-at-12.17.21.png

How to collect Event logs/Console logs

Normally, users rarely have to deal with the Event logs and Console logs. The Technical Support team will only ask for them in some rare situations. What is Event logs/Console logs? There will always be a tool for collecting messages from application...

wp-content_uploads_2020_09_Eventvwr-1.png wp-content_uploads_2020_09_Eventvwr-app.png wp-content_uploads_2020_09_Eventvwr-2.png wp-content_uploads_2020_09_Eventvwr-system.png

macOS 10.14 Mojave

Apple released the macOS 10.14 Mojave on September 24, 2018. GRAPHISOFT fully supports ARCHICAD 21 (with update 7000 or newer) and ARCHICAD 22 (with update 4023 or newer) on macOS 10.14 Mojave. Even though we fixed incompatibilities in these updates,...


macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Apple released macOS 10.13 High Sierra on September 25, 2017. With the latest updates ARCHICAD 20 and 21 should be compatible with macOS 10.13. There are still a few minor glitches with ARCHICAD and BIMcloud, as well as some High Sierra specific beha...


Using & Identifying Missing Fonts in ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD uses operating system fonts. Some default fonts vary between Windows and macOS. Make sure you are using a common font which is present on all workstations. The standard fonts are usually the most reliable: Arial, Times New Roman, etc. It is,...