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Migrating Classifications

There are a lot of cases – even if it is not entirely intentional when you migrate projects. This happens when content made in an earlier version of Archicad is opened in a newer version. These scenarios can include: simple copy-paste from your old p...

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Migrating a Project Using the Archicad 10 File Converter

The ArchiCAD 10 file converter allows users to migrate their files versions 6.5, 7 and 8 to ARCHICAD 10. This file can then be opened in the current version of the software. If you have already installed the ARCHICAD 10 file converter please navigate...

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Project Migration Overview

File Compatibility • ARCHICAD 27 and newer versions can open PLN files back to version 17. • ARCHICAD 26 and earlier versions can open PLN files back to version 8.1. • ARCHICAD 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 files may be opened in the ARCHICAD 10 file converter. O...

How to back-save an ARCHICAD project in an earlier version

ARCHICAD can back-save project files in the previous ARCHICAD version. As example if you have an ARCHICAD 21 project, you can save it back to ARCHICAD 20 but not to ARCHICAD 19. To back-save: Use File > Save as… In the Save dialog box, choose ARCHICA...

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Converting old Archicad Files

You can choose from the below listed Archicad File converters to convert your Archicad files to a format which is supported by current Archicad versions. The latest Archicad File converters can be find on You can also find the FAQ on ...

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