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Wall ends & partial display

I've added some wall ends in a AC19 project & when switching between views with different partial display options, the view is zooming that far out that i get a 0.0000% zoom and there are some 'unselectable' markings in my working area. Once i select...

catrasca by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

How to fix a corrupt project file - ?

Zooming out as far as the program will allow, and with all layers turned on I can see that something is not right. Zoom to extend will not show it. I have to manually scroll to the extreme limit with the mouse to see it. Any tips on how to find what ...


Palette Navigator - cant change width

hi all, I have a simple strange! problem: I can not change the width of my Palette Navigator window - only when its docked on the right! side. All other palettes I can change in width. Did i miss a check box ? Thanks for help! rdgs, Florian

Training Videos

I have downloaded a trial version of Archicad 19. I am using the training video Basic Archicad Vol.2 . I downloaded the Vol. 2 training materials - pdf guide and project file but it doesn't include 01 pavilion.pln The project that it includes is Comp...

Archicad 18 Int. Version Chinese Language

Hi all, I've been using ArchiCAD since college and now want to apply the skills I've learned to my work. I am very comfortable with the English interface so I have no problem using US or Int. version of ArchiCAD. However, my clients are Chinese on a ...

loxua by Newcomer
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AC 19 Crashes when placing 3D Camera

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I place a 3D Camera on plan AC19 crashes. I can reopen the file but if I select the camera it crashes. I had to save it back to AC18 to delete the camera to get rid of it. This is the...