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Having 2 EDU licences in 2 diferent pc

Hello,Currently I have an EDU license (ver 24) at my desktop computer.Is it possible to apply for a 2nd EDU license for a different version? (ver 25 with the hide element feature) for my laptop? If no, can I still install my current version (24), als...

Archicad 26 performance

Hello GraphisoftSince starting to work with Archicad 26 INT official release, I noticed a considerable drop in overall performance.Compared to Archicad 25:Archicad takes longer to loadloading project files takes longeropening 3D Window, Sections, Ele...

AC26 compared to AC25 system resources on Windows 10 (42.2MB template file).png

Archicad 25 crashes when opening sketchup file

Hello everyone , I am having a problem. Lately I got a new computer and with that installed all of my programs again. Since then I can´t open .skp files because everytime I do Archicad crashes. I tried to open the same file on my old laptop and it wa...

Reload AC18

I am an AC26 user but have a need to reinstall and use AC18 because I want to use Cigraph's Architerra. from that version. I have original installation disks for both. Will reloading an old AC version stuff up my current AC26? Should I reinstall AC18...

KeesW by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies


I`m having a hard time trying to save files to older versions. I would like to know how to save my Archicad`s file version 25.0.4013. to version 25.0.3002.

Oceano by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Crashes each time when I open an existing file

Hi everyone, After installation of Archicad 25 (4013) can't open any existing file. I can make a new one, but every time when I try open an existing one there is an issue. MasOS 12.4, Version: 25.0.0 v1 RUS (4013) ( Code Type: X86-64 (Nat...

euzagum by Participant
  • 1 replies

File size

Hello All, I am fairly new to Archicad (3 years), coming from revit env. Currently working on- Archicad: a small house of around 4K sqft located in a cold climat, the file size is around 177 MB and runs super slow on my comp. No plumbing done and lim...