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Apply button

I would like to have an 'Apply' button added to the 'Selection Settings' window to see the effect right away.
Now you have to make your settings, click 'OK' and see if it alright.
If it's not allright you have to into the settings again.
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ArchiCAD 25.

Barry Kelly
Try changing the settings in the Info box.
You can change most of the settings there (except for object parameters) and it will be live with your selection as you make the changes.

If you are trying to change object parameters then make sure you have the relevant 2D or 3D preview active to see if you can see the changes there before pressing OK.


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Karl Ottenstein
To add to Barry's response (Info Box acts like modeless dialog with instant 'apply')...

Many of us display the Info Box vertically (perhaps at the left side of the screen) - vs the horizontal orientation used in the GS default work environments (WE). This lets you see MUCH more info at a glance for quick reading of current settings as well as instant changes.

Also.. note that the WE lets you specify WHAT appears in the Info Box (you can display a LOT more than the GS defaults!!) ... and what ORDER the items appear in - so that you can make sure that things critical to your typical workflow are readily visible.

Where we do not have something like this - and where I definitely support your wish - is any tool settings dialog that modifies GDL object parameters: Window, Door, Label, Object etc ... none of those parameters can be 'stuffed' into the Info Box, and it is often those parameters that we want to play with, resulting in lots of clicking (cmd-T, scroll/expand, change parameter, enter/OK, repeat)

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I know this thread is seven years old, but.... we still don't have one. It's 2022, Graphisoft!

Section Settings could also use an apply button. Model View Options, too! Graphic Override Combinations, 3D Styles? You betcha! Every single window with an OK button would benefit from an apply button.

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