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Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

AC27 wishlist


Now that AC26 has almost arrived, perhaps we can already gather some wishes for AC27.
Again, wise to keep it short, and only name your top 3 with the highest priority.
Focus on what you want to contribute and don't react to what others submit worked well last time too.


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Karl Ottenstein

To all users who posted to a thread titled "AC26 Wishlist":

I have merged that entire AC26 Wishlist thread (started in February) into this one for AC 27 - because even in February, it was too late to realistically wish for anything in AC 26 (the old topic might have been better called a "hope" list).

Every year this same thing happens as we all get excited for the new release later that year ... a wish list for the new version gets created early in the year... when the feature set has already been determined.


It's important to share your needs with Graphisoft here in the Wishes forum... but... you have to understand that they plan new features far in advance.  But, also, a "catch all" topic that is filled with hundreds of wishes does not help Graphisoft either.... can you imagine reading and organizing the content in this thread as it evolves with nested replies - and merging it with an existing per-topic wishlist database?

Ideally, this Wishes forum - as the old one on the old ac-talk - should have one topic per feature wish (after doing a Search to verify that the wish does not already exist).  People finding that topic directly or by Search should click 'like' it to bump the vote count if you agree, and also add your additional comments and examples for that specific wish.  That would be the most helpful for Graphisoft. 🙂


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So just to test the mood of current users, what are your top 3 wishes for AC26?


I know we all have more than 3 but try to focus on your priorities, ignore other posts and keep your answers short.

Mine are:

1. In-place Hotlink module editing e.g. a simple module, block, component. that can be edited in place and updates all copies.

2. Dimension fixes in 2D and 3D documents.

3. A common dialog for element storey settings that is the same in all 3D tools.  

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1. Decent window builder

2. Schedule morph faces (area, orientation)

3. Clearer 2d look (thicker lines ending in sqares, not circles)

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1. Clearing out of all the old bugs

2. Finishing staircase, railing, opening tools... and others that are 80% done (curtain wall scheduling, anyone?) These are just the newest in the line

3. Developing strong structural and MEP connections to de facto standard software, worldwide

Communication with the users and community development, regardless of how much sales a geographical region generates


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Better window and door builder including user controllable details at head and sill


Access for autotext to all fills in a complex profile

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Always on layer pallete

3D detail tool

Total recode of Bimx 

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  1. Unified Font Settings. I hate it when I have to change the pre-set font type for each and every possible element, view, marker, etc. to the one we want for our output. Yes, I know this should be pre-set in a template with the correct font, but this would save so much time for template building as well.
  2. Automatic dimension line/chain offset. If I want well structured and detailed dimensioning on drawings, I can't use automatic dimensioning. It doesn't work as good as it should for complex structures and doesn't work at all for detailing. For manual dimensioning there is just too many steps (and keyboard input) for placing a dimensioning line or chain to desired offset distance.
  3. Visual property manager, Grasshopper style. With dedicated rules, expressions, etc, for further output automation, schedules, lists, IFC mapping.

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1. Software to be written to maximize the benefits of the Apple M1 MAX chip hardware. (This feature alone would inspire me to upgrade from version 22.)

2. Ability to organize layers into groups and sub-sets. (There has to be something more than just an alphabetical sorting and adding extensions...)

The other enhancements noted in this thread would be welcomed as well!

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