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.DWG Line Export Problems

I have been having a bunch of problems with .dwg export, specifically with lines not cleaning up. Lately I have been trying to export "core only" to our structural engineers (due to some columns floating in walls beyond the core), and I have noticed ...

EXPORT IFC - Problem with IfcType

Hi I try to export a slab and a door but the destination software does not recognize them. -In the case of the DOOR I found that in IFC PROPERTIES the IFC Type variable does not contain the IfcDoor value. It has the value IfcBuildingElementProxi (?) ...

importing txt file from surveyor related problem

Hi all, I have a simple question related to the phase when you import a surveyor txt file to Archicad. When I import a txt file, Archicad always joins outer points of the mesh together creating a weird shape which I have to remove point-by-point. Whi...

Renovation Filter / Graphic Override in Door Schedule

Hi Folks, This one's got me stumped. We've applied manual annotations to doors in an interactive schedule. (specifically a few dashed centrelines) The dashed line type turns to solid line in appearance when not in the annotation window. Looks to be r...

Blair_C by Newcomer
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Expression question

Hi, I was just asked if it's possible to create a schedule for those zones that accomodates X number of objects. The schedule should show the X objects for the zones with X objects. I can make an expression "no of objects" and use it to filter out al...

Errors in energy model

Hi, I am trying to use the archicad as a modelling tool for gbxml export but I have a problem: When the walls touch in T shape then there are holes in energy model: Any way to solve this?