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Hotlinked module - Display order

I got this typical floor module that I placed on the above levels. I got one slab I can't manage to place behind the hotlinked mod. I try to send it back but I got the message saying it's as far it can go. I've tried to turn all layers on, suspend gr...

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Scale Site to fit on drawing sheet

I rescaled the site as suggested and clicked the advised control. The result is when I apply site drawing to the sheet, the sheet is reduced to a thumbnail, not the site drawing. What could I be doing wrong?

EXPODTL by Participant
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Save to PDF

I select the sheets that I want to save to a file in PDF. I then select the file. I then click save to file. the sheets are created but for some reason it does not save to the file. What might I be doing wrong? A20 W10 Dell Inspiron Intel core i7

EXPODTL by Participant
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Resolved! Scheduling volume of Joinery & Objects

Hello, I'm trying to understand if it's possible (and somehow accurate) to schedule some objects volume. Typically joinery items (I'm using Ci Cabinets & Wardrobe 23), and locker 23. I need to schedule these volumes to make sure we match the min. req...

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Cinerender Surfaces Problem

I'm running AC25 (3011) and have noticed a glitch with the Cineware Surfaces dialogue boxes. All of the preview images for Noise are black! The previous iteration of AC25 was fine. FYI, I have upgraded to Big Sur 11.6 which may be part of the problem...

Cinerender Surfaces - Noise preview.png

Automatic Drawing Issue Sheets

Has anyone here managed to successfully create an automatic drawing issue sheet? We like to do it in a grid like style so you can easily see previous issues and the current issue for each layout in the drawing set. The current setups are all a bit to...

Consolidating values to one property

I'm trying to create an ironmongery schedule which includes different element types (railings, windows, zones and objects). I would like to have two fields in the schedule - Length and Width/Height - and have the sizes of all the ironmongery elements...