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Resolved! GSM Decompiled to XML - Owner & Signature Fields

Hi Guys, I am deep into the world of the LPXML_Converter messing around with modifying the source xml's of Archicad objects. In the root xml node there are two attributes called Owner & Signature with cryptic numbers.I believe these are related to th...

Resolved! Recursive parameter update

Hello, I have set two different values for A by selecting the size via dropdown. Parameters: VALUES "cab_type", "Pysty", "Vaaka" Master: IF cab_type = "Pysty" THEN A = 1.55 ELSE A = 2.00 ENDIF The issue is that no matter what option I choose from the...

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jc4d Expert
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Defining an array based on an integer parameter

Hello, I'm trying to define an array by an integer. I want my array to have an equal amount of fields as an integer. I want to be able to use the array fields to define positions of elements so they need to hold the values while more are added or rem...

JGoode Advocate
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Retrieve list of layouts in an object

Hello, I was wondering if someone would be able to confirm whether or not it is possible to retrieve a list of layouts from within an object and then be able to add them to a list that a user could select from? Many thanks

JGoode Advocate
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Resolved! GDL COOR{3} with PLACEGROUP command

Hello, I am creating a geometry by creating a GROUP. Inside this group I have loop that CALLs a geometry. I want to apply a texture over this construction, but I can't. No matter what I try the texture (that I placed in the beginning of the...

Resolved! Swap A and B parameters

Tbh I feel silly to ask such basic question, but I can't figure out how to swap values for A, B.If additional parametes are created it's easy to change their values based on constant A, B. Though how to do it when with help of 2 parameters only? pref...