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Redshift render settings needed in help files.

Barry Kelly

I have just had the opportunity to test a machine with a decent graphics card that can make use of the Redshift render engine.

I found that the images all seemed a little over-exposed, so I thought I would check out the HELP files to see if there was any useful information about the Redshift settings.


There is nothing.


Redshift does get a mention in the surface material settings in the help, but that is the surface material settings - not the Redshift render options.

The actual surface materials have the same settings as Cinerender from what I can see.


Please add some information to the manual (on-line and PDF) for the Reshift render engine options please.






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Hi Barry,


Thanks for your comment! You are right, the Help has not been updated to include info on Redshift render options. We will remedy this soon!


meanwhile, this Knowledgebase article contains some limitations and suggestions:

Thomas Nymann

Hi Barry.


I guess you´ve found the Photorealistic settings, and edited them by now 😉 - otherwise changing the F-stop to e.g 8, and perhaps Shutter ratio to 150-250 will quickly compensate for the over-expo 😉


...And how I do agree with your post, regarding adding Redshift settings to the Help menu... Please GS, Please!



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Th article gives some really good tricks, to compensate for somethings... however it is strange that the Cienrender settings is so very detailed in the Online help, and yet after 1,5 year, there´s merely nothing on Redshift....   I know that GS has doen quite some testing, and I have seen the result, but never got a hold on the Render settings....  Please describe each of the Redshift Parameters in the Online userguide...


Kind regards


ASUS ROG I9 12900H 🙂 - RTX 3080ti (16GB) - 32 GB RAM - Ryzen 7 1700X 3,8GHz. - GTX 1080ti 11 GB- 16GB RAM
AC 13 +
William Yan

I  bought Arcticad and was attracted to Redshift , but I couldn't find the official help file and the render has so much limitation at this moment. Is it really good to treat paying users like this? Not to mention that the redshift module in Chinese version is so poorly translated.

AC 26 5002 CHI, Windows 10