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VBe Alpha Channel Support

Does anyone know if VBe supports alpha channels for other than straight transparency? I need to set up materials so the user can change the color with the image serving as an overlay texture and/or bump map. Currently I can only get full transparency...

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VBE in Linux

Just tried running VBE on my laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 Beta with Wine, and was surprised to find that it works perfectly! In fact, the performance was roughly the same as it was running in Windows on the same machine. All options were available and...

VBEG on Win7?

Hi, I sen't a VBEG to a client and it was the regular halleluja moment. Then the client (on XP) sent it to another guy on Win7 and it didn't open. Any ideas? I did the VBEG on a mac if it is of importance. Cheers, Mats

Missing shadows in VBE 13

I've just now noticed that I have no shadows in ArchiCAD 13 VBE. The same file in ArchiCAD 12 VBE does give me shadows. I see that F3 is supposed to toggle shadows on and off but this has no effect. Any ideas what's gone wrong here?

saving an image from the VBE

Hi Xmas cad users We have just started to use Archicad 13 VBE. Is is possible to save a screen shot or image from the VBE so it can be used as s Jpeg or PDf ???? Thanks all and HO HO Merry xmas

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VBe2 AC13 WIN7 Graphics cards

Anyone running VBe2, AC13, WIN7, 64 bit and one of the following Graphics card; nvidia gtx 295 or ati radeon hd 5870? If so any problems? Anyone have opinions about either or both cards? thanks in advance, Cary

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Virtual Building Explorer for ArchiCAD 13

Dear Talkers, I’m glad to announce that the English version of Virtual Building Explorer for ArchiCAD 13 is available from today. Further language versions are coming in the following weeks. This new release introduces Virtual Building Explorer to ou...