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GDL object surface names changing

Hello Guys from a long break, I imported a sketchup model in my project. It saves as a GDL object in Embeded Library. Also i placed a Hotlinked Module from another achicad project. Sometimes i need to make some revisions in hotlinked module and main ...

ogabson by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Placing text or leaders with text

A couple of quick questions on setting up layouts for issue. 1- Is it better to place text on the view map or on the layout sheets themselves. 2- Is there an equivalent of Revit 'model lines' in ArchiCAD, or are all lines only annotation elements and...

Views are rotated when placed on a layout.

Im relatively new to ArchiCAD, but have over 5 years experience on Revit. When a place a view on a layout it comes in rotated, relative to the sheet. How to I correct this? Does it have something to do with world coordinates, project coordinates or s...

Zone fill with deep window reveal

Hello I was wondering has anybody encountered this issue, I have full height windows with a deep reveal. I place a zone manually not including the reveals, and some how archicad traces the outline of this reveal when I did not trace it. I manually tr...

Foti by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Unable to publish specific PDF

Hi, I get the error message "Publishing of the item failed because ARCHICAD wa unable to generate it.". This concerns only one specific PDF (so far), with the same settings as the others saved in the same way to the same folder. I tried deleting the ...

canvea by Booster
  • 1 replies