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Importing Microstation 3d files

I am having difficulty importing a Microstation fileCould not find a way to import directly into the Archicad file And tried to open the 3d Mstation file and it opened a 2d document I can only see in the floor plan

Archicad Save-As issue

Hi all, I'm having an issue with Save-As-ing. Sometimes, when I go to save-as, the automatic location is not the folder from which I opened up the file, but rather the folder where I most recently Save-As'd. In other words, if I'm working on project ...

Cannot select editable elements in 3D window

Hi, I'm having an issue in Archicad 24. I have drawn new elements which are editable in plan view (reserved, unlocked, layer unlocked etc) but when viewed in the 3D window I am only able to select a few of these elements. When I click on certain wall...

Object's surface painter override bug

Hi All,Have any of you experienced or be able to replicate this bug?:Use objects - say a windowUse the Surface painter and override the frame surface.Then go and change anything... something not relevant, like the IDBUG shows up: Surface override get...

Segmented Column in Plan

I was using the segmented column in my project and noticed that all of my column line pens were being overridden to a single pen rather than the pens I've set up in the complex profile. If I remove the various segments in the column the line weights ...

TracyGA by Participant
  • 3 replies

Partition area in plan

Hi, we are trying to list on a schedule the area that partitions occupy in plan but including the area where we have a door and taking into account wall intersections. Any suggestions? We can't find the right parameter in AC24 or AC25, the closest wo...

Connection between the Slab's 2D fill and its 3D texture

I have a very important question for Archicad developers that has been bothering us for three years. When could we expect that choosing "Link to Fill Origin" for slab in 2D will again affect the origin and direction of its texture in 3D, as it was in...

Dalius by Participant
  • 3 replies

Resolved! GSM extension file

Hi, Is there a new way or method to read imported .gsm exension files in Archicad 25?

Mjules by Contributor
  • 12 replies