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Is it just me, or do AC doors sort of suck?

I want a simple 4 panel door with a flat panel insert (or sometimes a V-grooved panel).The raised panels we've had since AC9 are terrible. The tool is desperately in need of an update. CI tools D+W builder does a pretty good job of it (if you don't m...

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 4.28.43 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 4.06.38 PM.png

Opening Tool, sample/inject and favorites

It is frustrating that the opening tool allows for complex opening shapes to be created and then there is no way to save the opening for using it again - unless i am missing something.Sample the complex opening and I get a square one when I place the...

gdford by Expert
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Counters Disappearing

Some background: I work for a custom home building company and we draft in Archicad 24. We do custom files with our homes per purchase of the client. We show views of our counter tops on our permit sheets for kitchen and bathrooms. We have been using...

AS7 by Newcomer
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Three different angled walls connection

Hi,currently I'm working on some old buildings I got to adapt. There's a lot of walls with different thickness, and the 90 degrees connection is pretty rare in this case. Is there any option to make connections like on the screenshots clean? I've tri...

2022-05-17 081114.png 2022-05-17 081208.png 2022-05-17 081254.png

About the line drawn by the label GDL

I want to draw an "X" mark for an elevation opening on the label GDL. ADD2 LABEL_POSITION [2] [1] + LABEL_POSITION [3] [1], LABEL_POSITION [2] [2] + LABEL_POSITION [3] [2]LINE2 0,0, OPENING_WIDTH, OPENING_HEIGHTLINE2 0, OPENING_HEIGHT, OPENING_WIDTH,...

Some SEO not working

hey,i have been using SEO to cut the foundation walls out of the mesh in section iso t looks correct. it has always worked, then in this project it does sometimes but not always. i was trying last week and gave up at the end of the day, and shut it d...

problem wall junction

hey all,i have one wall junction in my project that is not behaving as the other identical junctions, and its on two stories affecting the junction on floor up. i have made sure the properties of all the walls are correct and the same as the other ju...

Custom brick facade

Hi, I would like to create a custom facade wall made out of bricks that looks like the attached image, could you give me any suggestions how could I do it? Thank you in advance!

Miona by Participant
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3D on Version 5011

I´ve just updated my Archicad do 5011 version few days ago. Since them my new projects has presented problems to show 3D views. Both in conic and axonometric perspectives. In Axonometrics walls do not appear, roofs also have problems. In conic views,...

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