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I find the Detail marker tool completely erratic and have abandoned it in favour of using multiple copies of particular views, each isolating a particular feature that I want to show at a large detail scale. However, the if I use the marker tool in t...

Site Plan

I would like to change the line weights of the different contour lines. Every 5 foot interval would be a thicker line than the lines between the 5 foot intervals. Is there anyway of doing this inn ArchiCAD?

NCS Color Palette

I do most of my modeling in Open GDL and add enough color and some textures so I can email images to clients. I also have been taking a 27" iMac for which I have a special carry bag to make client presentations and do fly throughs. The standard color...

Don Lee by Newcomer
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Level Dimension Tool

The Level Dimension Tool used to work in section and elevation. Does anyone know of an alternative tool/object? There are cases when dimensioning just does not get the job done best from the point of view of graphic imagery.


The floor plan for a one storey building is set to 3/32"= 1'-0". I need to show some details at various scales: 3/16", 1/2" and 1 1/2" = 1'-0". As shown in the attachment, the grid tool marker remains at a reasonable visual size when I increase a sec...

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.40.56 PM.png

Dimension text adjustments question

So I am relatively new to Archicad and am scratching my head a bit as to a function of editing a dimension text. I prefer to show my dimensions with the text in the line itself which I have set the tool correctly in this regard. When I run a dimensio...

Doors and Windows dimension Markers

Working with AC 19 The doors and windows markers display correctly in the dialogue menu, however, they do not display in the plan where the door or window is placed. Very weird. I have the marker set of to display, I have all layers on but nothing wo...

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