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Resolved! Elevation of a roof

Hello, I am trying to do an elevation of a pitched roof. Is it possible when you are in an elevation to add an elevation viewpoint with the same angle as the pitched roof? Why is it possible to add an elevation viewpoint when you are in an elevation ...

latitude & longitude

Latitude and Longitude input not accepted: example 9.79744500 not accepted and 9.49744500 substituted, a similar problem with longitude.SOLUTION:switch button to digital but do not type in number as that will not work. Type the digital number in Word...

EXPODTL by Contributor
  • 0 replies

Resolved! View options for walls in plan

This is a scenario that pops up for us constantly and is a problem Graphisoft should really explain why they don't address this issue. Model a short or multi-story wall on a "lower story" tall enough to show up in the cut plane height illustrating al...

rm by Enthusiast
  • 20 replies

Change template

I am using my own template and have nearly finished some working drawings with it. However, I want to change the template to the standard Australian template for the existing drawings. Any sugestions to make this easier would be appreciated.

KeesW by Booster
  • 2 replies

Some downloaded objects show up pink

Fairly simple question here: sometimes when I download a library object, it shows up pink in the floor plan. I've checked all of the floor plan display settings on the object and nothing implies that it should show up pink. AC's library is somewhat l...

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