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How to Fillet/Chamfer a Polyline

This is one of those handy tips can save a lot of time to newcomers. Instead of the tedious job of exploding your polyline to fillet with arcs, follow the below steps: select the polyline pick a corner node (not along a section of line) left-click on...

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How to create a custom Fill

To create a New Fill, you need to open Options/Elements Attributes/Fills panel. There you can edit all the existing Fills and add new ones. By clicking on the New... button you get the choice to create a new Solid fill, a new Symbol, a new Image Fill...

About Fills

Fills are geometric 2D hatching patterns that help you distinguish and decorate the elements of your project. They can also be used to decorate surfaces in the 3D window and the 3D Documents. ARCHICAD comes with a full set of Fills that are available...

Line types displayed across stories

In case we would like to show our elements on other stories as well, one might wonder where to set the line type for the display one story above or below? In case of three basic elements, slabs, objects and meshes, we can set this under Project Prefe...

Pen Sets

NOTE: the available Pen Sets and their parameters can be different in every language version. In this case, this PEN SET theory doesn't apply to the U.S. version The Pens and Colors Settings Dialog is available in Options > Element Attributes > Pens ...

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Visual Compare - Trace & Reference

Introduction This feature helps the user identify the differences between two views. All the necessary settings are available from the Trace and Reference Palette which is accessible from the Window > Palettes menu. Main options of the Trace & Refere...

2D Modeling/Editing - Troubleshooting Guide

Incorrect cursor and feedback position in case of offsetting edges or nodes of polygonal elements or placing dimensions Affected version: 19 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 199288 Note: We fixed this issue in ARCHICAD 19 Update 4013 Issue: Wh...

How to Create Custom Line Types

Create Symbol Line Type In our special example we are demonstrating how to create line types with letters in it, but the described steps can be applied to any custom line type. When creating custom line types, the stencil of the symbol may be drawn o...

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Editing Grids

Best Practice Grids are best set before sharing the project. If it is necessary to edit a grid element, it is best to have all other users release their reserved elements and you reserve all of the elements in the project. If your organization is lar...

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