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Cut Zones in 3D document

I'm trying to create a 3D document section by using the marquee tool. The results in the 3D Window are as expected. However, in the 3D Document, the Zones being cut through are always solid, no matter what "Cut Elements" setting is chosen in the 3D D...

Adding new objects

I am using AC SE 21. I downloaded few objects from BIM components portal, but when I try to upload them in my AC library the objet selection is inactive. Can anyone guide me on this? Thanks in advance.

Royal_M Participant
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Resolved! Renaming a view in Project Map

Why is it that sometimes I can change the name of a view in the Project Map and other times I cannot? I have found this to be inconsistent so far. I have sections right now that I can rename and sections that I cannot rename. What are the factors? I ...

Metaverse news from Graphisoft clients

Hello Community! Let me share some exciting news about Archicad and the Metaverse. One of the Graphisoft clients, LC Waikiki, has been working on their Metaverse store for a while and yesterday they have published a short demo. The demo is created by...

Interior Elevation: Common vs. Individual Marker

Hi, folks. I'm having a problem with interior elevation markers not jiving. I have a common marker set to 30pt w/ 7pt text and an individual marker (4 walls of a single room set to individual for layout labeling purposes) also set to 30pt marker size...

AC25 polyline bug (Adjust command)

Hello! I just discovered what I presume is a bug with the adjust command. Searching the forum I see that this might be a recurring bug, although I'm not sure it's the same behaviour. For me, the adjust commands cuts quite randomly instead of removing...

Kaj_AL Booster
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