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Control of wall intersection

This is a bit of a noob question, but it's had me stumped for awhile.I want to control if a wall intersects with another.I have tried turning off auto-intersection, also altered the junction value for the wall in question but not having any luck.I wa...

Wall intersection thumbnail.png

Resolved! Hotlinked module - Display order

I got this typical floor module that I placed on the above levels. I got one slab I can't manage to place behind the hotlinked mod. I try to send it back but I got the message saying it's as far it can go. I've tried to turn all layers on, suspend gr...

VincentG__1-1632617782109.png VincentG__0-1632617721969.png

Resolved! Scheduling volume of Joinery & Objects

Hello, I'm trying to understand if it's possible (and somehow accurate) to schedule some objects volume. Typically joinery items (I'm using Ci Cabinets & Wardrobe 23), and locker 23. I need to schedule these volumes to make sure we match the min. req...

VincentG__0-1632485497771.png VincentG__1-1632485714105.png

Cinerender Surfaces Problem

I'm running AC25 (3011) and have noticed a glitch with the Cineware Surfaces dialogue boxes. All of the preview images for Noise are black! The previous iteration of AC25 was fine. FYI, I have upgraded to Big Sur 11.6 which may be part of the problem...

Cinerender Surfaces - Noise preview.png