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PM9 Drawing/Layout list?

I'm trying to find a quick-and-dirty way of making a list of published drawings in PM9. I tried setting the Navigator window to Tree by Subsets and Show Names and numbers, but I can't print it or copy the selected list and paste in a text editor. And...

Archicad 8.1 to Plotmaker 9.0

I am finishing off a project in 8.1 and have been importing all the viewsets into Plotmaker 9.0. The problem is none of my details are cross referencing with the detail marker on my sections/elevations. The detail markers are set up as per usual, but...

Book Info editing

To All, I have a layout book file with all the bookinfo filled out. (I did this in Plotmaker9 MAC os). I am opening the same layout book in windows 2000 w/ plotmaker 9 and I would like editing the bookinfo but all the fields are blank. Why? I cannot ...

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I/S - row height problem

Hi, I use I/S to make schedules (door, window, electrical items, finish ect). In 9 I am having a problem when I change the row height to be for example, 0.25" to stay that way when placed No matter what I set the height to, it reverts to 0.01" high w...

Rebuilding sheets in Plotmaker.

Is there a setting, preference, or option that takes you to a new sheet when you double click on it in the subset tree? I used to navigate that way, something has changed, now nothing changes and I don't see the sheet until I hit rebuild.

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Plotmaker Problem: selecting imported drawings

When I select the frame around an imported drawing (a view from ArchiCAD) I can resize the frame once by grabing one of the side or corner points on the drawing. But I can only do this once. After the first time I cannot grab the points with my curso...

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Plotting a 30x42 sheet

we are using mac os x 10.3.6, AC 9.0 This is the way we have been printing 30x42 sheets from PM. there is no 30x42 size sheet in page setup so we use the ansi E sheet size which is 33x44 i believe. We also have to orient the layout sheet vertical ins...

PM 9-Custom Appened Titles for improted drawings

Our firm is just now starting to use AC and PM they way it was intended. i have a question in rregardsto the appending titles. i have set the title up the way we want. the problem is once i have inserted the drawings and the title come in with them b...