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Hey, a new Archicad user here I am currently using the trial version of Archicad 20 and things are mostly fine except when creating glass walls, windows and doors. Creating the things are fine but when switching to a 3d view, these things are not tra...

3D Window Settings.PNG
Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

Dark glass and "dirty" walls

Hello, This is one of my first render in ArchiCAD and i've got 2 problems. The first (in blue) is about my glass which appears sometimes really dark/black The second (in red) is the wall which appears like dirty Could someone tell me how to fix that ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

"Area on plan" Label

I noticed that when I select a slab I can see the "Area on plan" in the Element Information Box. How can I get a label to show this number? I would like to place an "Area" label on all of my slabs, so that I don't have to create a seperate area fill ...

Gus by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Associative labels created as existing

When I create "associative labels" in v19 and v20 they are created as EXISTING elements even though my renovations pallet is selected on NEW. I have had this problem going back to 19 and now still an issue in 20. I realise it may be something to do w...

jakubc7 by Booster
  • 2 replies

Aliased 3D Window Output

Hi, when we work we often save out quick views from the 3D window as JPGs to discuss as we design a model. In previous version of ArchiCAD, the output would look nice and anti-aliased, much like the better OpenGL settings. It seems in 19 that even th...

Bimx VR on the cheap

So after a ton of searching and testing and swearing, I have a super simple VR solution using bimx. this is only tested on android and windows 10 Here is what you need. Evo vr headset (its like a plastic google cardboard. I found it at walmart for 15...

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