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Shift lens

Does any one know if there is the ability to use a shift lens in Cine4d? I am not referring to a Tilt shift, but a standard shift lens allowing you to move the film back as you could in a real camera or in Maxwell? Thanks Dave

Publishing DWG failed

Hi All. I am trying to publish DWG to the engineers but some sets fail. The information of the fail: Publishing of the item failed because Archicad failed to generate it. The sheet consists of one pmk from a differnt archicad file (this is a large pr...


Surface Images and BIMx File Size

Could someone explain further the steps at reducing the BIMx file size through the method mentioned in the Video Link (See Minute 1:20 to 1:45). ArchiCAD18 New Features: Surface Materials Overview Is this seen as a common step needed? What is a LARGE...

Animation video

Hi! I have a problem and I count on your help. When I do an animation video of a journey in archicad, a house for example, there is the possibility of animation that make a material part of a wall, floor, disappears to can see inside where pipes are ...


Hi! I am trying to set wall, slab, column and beam labels. What I struggle with is the size. When I set labels for each of those elements labels are applied as defined, but only thing that I haven't found is how to determine size of it. I have attach...

mzex by Newcomer
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Cine4d Strip Light

Does anyone know how to properly control the strip light option in Cine4d Archicad 18? I am trying to replicate the look of a long LED strip light in my model, and while initially, it looks pretty good, there is always a center blow-out. I see no opt...

line light rig.jpg

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