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Graphisoft Insights

BIM Manager Program – Starting on October 10, 2022

Dear Community members and visitors, We are pleased to announce that the upcoming BIM Manager Program is available for purchase on Graphisoft Learn and will start on October 10! Learn more about the p...


BIMcloud 2022.3 released

We are pleased to announce that BIMcloud 2022.3 on-premises has been released in the following language versions: AUS, AUT, GER, INT, NZE, UKI, and USA. Staged rollouts for all other language versions...


USERFEST 2022 public voting

Public voting has begun for two contests at Japan's USERFEST2022! Greetings from our Japanese team! Since 2019, USERFEST has been organized each year in Japan — by Archicad users, for Archicad users. ...


BIMcloud 2022.3 Software as a Service released

We are pleased to announce that BIMcloud 2022.3 Software as a Service has been released and is being deployed across all cloud tenants. This update addresses a licensing issue reported by BIMcloud 202...


Hot topics

Education Version

We used a newly candidate architect to take over an earlier autodesk autocad project as the Autocad architect was involved in other projects and could not help. It was only after the project was finished that we realized that she completely redrew th...

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Leaf Dimensions parameters Window Schedule

Welcome to a new week everyone, question for the wise. I created some custom properties last week to modify the representation of window/door dimensions in the window schedule. However i went to make the same changes to the "Leaf Dimensions" represen...

Student License or Edu License

Hello, Is Archicad's Student License completely free for students? I've applied for an educational license for Archicad 25 as a student with proof, and I got this written on my webpage "Your application for a 1-year license is being processed. If you...

Layers: Objects are transparent it appears

I am having an issue in plan view with layers showing through each other. I have a floor that is raised above another that by a couple feet and the lower of the two is showing its outline. I can't seem to get the layers to hide one another when overl...

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 8.33.53 AM.png

Trim function issue

Wondering if anyone can advise. When using the trim tool between the roof plane and wall, I end up with the wall showing on the surface plane of the outer roof. Attached image shows the issue. Why would this occur?

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 8.23.04 AM.png

Modelling fully parametric columns

Hi All,I wanted to ask whether it is possible to model columns which has a lot of joints, joist elements and so - I am able to model everything separately, but the question is whether it is possible to model all of those (see attached screenshots) as...

Resolved! Where do you publish your C++ addons?

Hello,I am doing some C++ work and have developed a simple C++ addon during my spare time. Now i'd like to share it with the world. How does Graphisoft facilitate the spreading of 3rd party addons? I heard there is no official "App Store", so how is ...

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