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Graphisoft Insights

Join our Webinar Series in September!

You asked. We listened. In September, we will host two webinars: a live demo about the new Archicad 26 features and workflows and the latest addition to Graphisoft Learn — the Model Authoring Bundle. ...


We speak more languages!

Dear Community Members, Our site has recently undergone some maintenance, but it was not a regular quick fix job – we’ve been working on something very exciting in the background! The advantage of our...


Archicad 26 for Apple Silicon – Tech Preview launch

Archicad 26 for Apple Silicon – Tech Preview launch Good news for Archicad users! As announced at the Archicad 26 Launch Event, we are pleased to share with you the Technology Preview version of Archi...


Hot topics

Resolved! Window Element ID order

I am working on making a new project template and would like to have window orders start at 01. However, while working on the template, I placed a few windows then deleted them. Do you know how to essentially delete the memory of having placed previo...

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 9.43.40 AM.png
EH21 by Booster
  • 2 replies

Looking for Archicad Work

Hi All I am trying to move to Canada. I have been using Archicad since it was Archicad 6. Can anyone assist with firms that use Archicad?

Mirror in place for multiple doors

Is there a way to easily mirror multiple doors (or windows) in place, around the centerpoint of each individual opening? The mirror command always seems to require an axis, and so you have to do this operation one door at a time. The closest I can ge...

Availability of properties in Archicad

Walls:I have come across that when looking for the 3D length of a wall to be able to do a graphic override I have not found it, since it is non-existent from the override (the height is available) but it is from the properties. You can see the availa...

Captura de Pantalla 2022-08-15 a la(s) 19.35.13.png Captura de Pantalla 2022-08-15 a la(s) 19.35.33.png Captura de Pantalla 2022-08-15 a la(s) 19.37.19.png Captura de Pantalla 2022-08-15 a la(s) 19.36.54.png

Railing Tool Sequence Mirrored After Software Upgrade

having moved from 22 to 25 in the past week, we've noticed that some of our associative railing has glitched out. in this case, we use the railing tool for roof flashings or gutters with a custom profile & have the nodes linked to the roofs. you'll s...


Dimensions to Hotspots disappear

Dimensions to hotspots in elevations and sections go missing when updating drawing on a layout. Attached is a video showing what's happening.If I open a layout and update an elevation/section. Any dimensions that are linked to a hotspot disappear, bu...

cgrimley by Participant
  • 3 replies

Why winder stairs dont work properly?

Hi guys.. I'm new at Archicad, but I'm used to working 3d softwares.. I have a few question about winder stairs in Archicad.. I cant correctly create any U-shape winder stairs. Generally, my solution I do is quite simple.. I draw a stair in any bound...

Ustunes by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

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