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Layer Combinations and Attribute Manager

Dear AllIm looking to copy a layer combination from one project to another.The layer structure across the two projects is the same so ideally I would like the new layer combination to come across however refer to the existing layers in the existing p...

Harry04 by Participant
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Resolved! Moving entire model + annotations + dimensions

HiRevisiting an old subjet but need help repositioning a project to be closer to the project origin. I can select and move the entire model using thick lined marquee tool and all layers turned on, but in sections and elevations the dimensions stay in...

Resolved! Show Precast Slab in section

Is there a way to show hollow core precast slabs' hollow channels.Other than drawing each fill individually. I would like the material to show the channels in all the sections. Like I did here in Revit: 


Resolved! Walls external

I am missing the "Walls external" tool layer.I am very new to Archicad. Please can someone tell me where to find this?

Wayne by Contributor
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Winder stair to fit certain dimsneions

I have a problem modelling a winder u-shaped stair in Archicad 24 (I know I'm not the first one...). It is a developer's standard stair that needs to have certain dimensions and I just can't seem to be able to adjust my stair in Archicad to somehow f...

mb by Booster
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The file open window is too large to fit on screen

Does anyone have the issue where the file browsing window is too large to fit on screen. Ie, when I try to open anything and the finder browsing window pops up (or drops down), I have to drag the window left or right in order to see the ends of the w...

Overflows Screen.png
Miner by Contributor
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Is it possible to open multiple Archicad .pln files at once?

I recall being able to open multiple .pln (project) files at one time in the past. I'm using v25 after many years of not using Archicad. I no longer se an option to open multiple .pln files at one time. I'm trying to have two open so I can copy and p...

Miner by Contributor
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Resolved! Label Pointer problem

The Lable pointer ( Skin List Lable 25 for example ) constantly has to be updated because the pointer arrow line moves out to a different position on its own.

Creating a 3D crown detail tool

Hi guys, was just wondering, how would you approach creating such a detail in Archicad? Different lengths depending on the building. I was thinking about the rail element, but we're using AC21 and it doesn't seem to work well. Any ideas?  

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