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Stairs acting strange

How come this happens? (the coloumn is for load-bearing reasons. Is it some way to fix it?

Kamelite by Enthusiast
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3D Window non responsive and blank

Would be most grateful for some further light and knowledge. My 3D window has suddenly become non responsive and I can't see the model even the 'Fit To Window' does not have any effect. I have also noticed that the one elevation is fixed to a wirefra...

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ARCHICAD 21 Update 6013 Released

Dear All, Today we have made the final version of our next ARCHICAD 21 Update available. We have tested the packages with the AUS, AUT, GER, INT, UKI and USA versions so far and they all passed our Quality Control. We will keep testing the package ag...

Trimmed wall not showing correctly in floor plan

Hey all, I have what seams to be a simple problem but I can not find the solution. I have a simple vertical wall which is trimmed with a roof surface, where I want to keep the part above the roof. In 3D everything looks fine, but floor plan is showin...

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wall and column panel design

hi all I'm very new to archicad and while i have learned alot,i find myself at a halt at the moment, i have to create an interior layout of a room and have to use panelling , but not sure how to get the desired effect,.. i have the wall and panel cov...

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Attribute Manager is missing!

Hi all, I'm still trying to get used to AC22... and getting frustrated by slowness, and not finding things that used to be easy to find. Is it just me? The latest issue is the Attribute Manager seems to be missing. What's going on here? Help articles...

backup file location - removing from main directory

Hey all, is it possible to store the backup file, in a sub directory named backup or whatever (by default) i'm so over figuring out which is the main file or backup, every time I open a file.

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SEOs & file speed

Hi folks, I'm working on a house on a steep site with a LOT of ground works, piles, foundations, you name it. To accurately get the cut & fill volumes, correct sections, etc all of the ground works are modeled and extracted from the mesh with SEOs. T...

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First segment in rail tool not visible in 2D

I can't figure out why the first segment of any rail I make doesn't show up in 2D. Display Order makes no difference, all nodes are on the same story. I redraw elsewhere, same thing. thanks