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Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

View expanded when rendering

Hi, I'm just trying out rendering with AC21's 'Align Verticals' option ticked for the first time. It seems that what is displayed in my 3D Window doesn't match the rendered output - the render seems to show more of the scene, as if the Field of View ...

Invisible Layout Frames

One of my jobs opened with no outline on the drawing frames. I can't see where the setting is to show the frames. Anyone know? Yup, I know it has to be there somewhere but I'm currently using the "it's gonna be good for you" version 20

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Sun Study acting up

I merged a file from sketchup and now im trying to do a sun study but everytime the shadows completely cover the whole design and the study doesn't work. I have even tried just saving the 3d image but the same thing happens. Whats annoying the most i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Auto Update Layout

Not sure what happened but layout doesn't update automatically as it used to. It's frustrating and waste of time to manually update the layout after change in view map…. Any idea how to switch back to auto update?

Llian by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Navigator -layout book

Is there a way to hide the Navigator Layout book and open it again whenever I want to do it? I often find myself clicking the "x" on the upper right corner to close it to get more view screen, then go to the Window pull-down menu to open it again. I ...

dhnguyen by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Detail markers in ArchiCAD22 - bug?

I am attempting to place GS detail markers with marker polygon that has curved corners (as is possible with the standard GS marker for AC21) I am finding what actually happens is the clipping plane polygon shows the curved corners I gave it, but the ...

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