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Newbie problem with Interior Elevations

I am relatively new to ArchiCAD (I used it back at version 9, but not since). I am working through the guided exercises and the trial version of ArchiCAD17, and have noticed some strange behaviors, most of which don't seem to be flagged at the develo...

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Set pen by line category?

I haven't figured out a way to do this, and it may not be an option, but I figured I'd ask: Is there any way to set all lines categorized as "cut lines" to be the same, heavy line weight in layout (as shown when the "bold cut lines" on-screen view op...

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Wall cut lines in AC17

Is this a bug? In AC16 and before the Apply Structure's Settings Wall cut line used to affect the wall cut for windows and doors. I was able to change the line by changing the line in the settings even though it was turned off. In AC17 that setting i...

Auto number text paragraphs

Currently I write my specs in MSWord, save them as pdf's, and import them in to AC -- with the each CSI division imported to the appropriate sheet. The only reason I don't just use the text tool is that Word can auto-number paragraphs. I'd love to be...

Dimension parallel lines on an angle

How does one dimension distance between two parallel lines that run on an angle. Say the thickness of the the roof in elevation. I place the first point at some arbitrary point along the slope of the roof. I want the second point to be perpendicular ...

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